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Engaging Health Systems

Kern National Network | Engaging Health SystemsThe Kern National Network for Caring and Character in Medicine (KNN) recognizes that the healthcare ecosystem is an essential partner in shaping the character of physicians and health professionals, and in guiding their caring efforts as they serve their patients, communities, and society.

To that end, the KNN is commencing work with health system leaders to address the many challenges facing health care systems as we work to advance a flourishing society.

Some of the challenges include:

  • Ongoing disparities in access, treatment and outcomes for disadvantaged individuals and populations
  • Compensation models that prioritize productivity over connectivity and relationships
  • Loss of sense of professional autonomy
  • Diminished sense of meaning and purpose on the part of health care professionals

Together, working with our KNN partners and health system leaders, the KNN aspires to:

  • Promote healthy clinical learning environments for health professionals in training
  • Identify strategies to reduce stress and burnout of health professionals, which is often associated with suboptimal care for patients
  • Promote healthy flourishing lives for providers, patients, and our communities

What’s Next

The KNN has identified the following aims as it begins to forge partnerships with health system leaders to promote caring and character:

  • Convene conversations with health system leaders to explore opportunities for collaboration
  • Build inventory of health systems aligned with caring and character
  • Identify best practices and develop criteria for caring and character-based health systems
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