Join the Movement

The KNN is leading a movement to unite organizations and teams with a shared goal of transforming the profession of medicine toward flourishing for all.

Shape the Future of the Field as Part of the Movement

“This work speaks right to my soul. How can I get involved?”

As we talk with leaders, faculty, staff and learners in medicine each day, words like those are a frequent sentiment. Across the country, there is growing recognition that a movement has the power to unite organizations and individuals with a shared goal of transforming clinical learning and practice environments so those within can flourish.

We are excited to share new formal ways to get involved in the movement toward flourishing in medicine:

  • Become a Catalyst organization for full institutional involvement. Show commitment to transformational change toward flourishing organization-wide.
  • Join as a Changemaker group at the department or team level. Make an immediate difference in your sphere of influence.

Inquire About Joining

Not ready to join as a group or organization yet? Email us to explore individual options.

Why Get Involved?

As a Catalyst organization or Changemaker group, you’ll affirm your commitment and actively contribute to the movement by practically applying the KNN Framework for Flourishing in your setting. At the same time, gain support from the broader network to:

  • Access resources and expertise on innovative practices.
  • Learn from others, share accomplishments and enrich national efforts.
  • Shape the future of academic medicine as part of a group of forward-thinking organizations.

Join Now

Special introductory one-year rates are now available. Learners are complimentary. Click to learn more about the KNN definition of learner.

Working together, we will make more sustained progress than as individuals acting alone. Collectively, we are creating a swell of momentum and a true movement at the headwaters of flourishing in medicine.


Join the movement — bring your passion, energy and talent to this important work.



"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."

 Margaret Wheatley


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