KNN Integrated Framework

Caring, Character, Practical Wisdom and Human Flourishing in Medicine

The KNN integrated framework illustrates how the key constructs of the KNN’s work—caring, character, practical wisdom and human flourishing—are dynamically related and synergistic. In developing the framework, the KNN built on existing scholarship to define individual components and focused on advancing understanding of how the components interact and can be applied.


About the Framework

The tree depicts the entire concept of flourishing, as it suggests growth, change and organic development. Much as a tree’s strong trunk and branches allow flourishing leaves, the interconnected concepts of caring, character and practical wisdom support human flourishing. The integrated framework also illustrates that these concepts operate at many levels: individual, organizational and societal.


Individuals throughout the KNN and beyond have shared feedback and input on the KNN’s framework and are exploring ways to strengthen these elements in healthcare learning and practice environments. The framework underpins the KNN’s unique scalable, reproducible initiatives, spanning both collaborative and site-specific efforts.

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